Structuring Water for Life

Series & Custom Made
Water Structuring Devices

- Efficient
- Cost-Effective
- Sustainable


What is structured water?

In Structured water the H2O molecules are arranged
in an ordered, consistent, geometrical pattern...


Ceramic Series

Ceramic spheres attract far infrared light and release negative ions.
Electronic grade monocrystalline Terahertz-Silicon conveys extremely coherent structure into the water molecule clusters.
The combined action of these effects generates ionic dynamics that create highly Structured Water without the need for magnets or electricity.



Applications for Hospitality, Food Industry, Swimming Pools and Spas, Construction Industry, Cooling Equipment, Care Homes…

Business Solutions


Drinking water, Bath and Shower, Washing and cleaning, Food and beverages, Pets, House plants, Appliances, Heating, Garden, Pools…

Residential Solutions


Structured Water provides qualitative and quantitative benefits in Agriculture, Poultry and Livestock,  Fish Farming...

Farming Solutions


Irrigation systems, mainly dropping systems, keep its original efficiency, preventing obstructions in droppers and sprayers created by calcium and magnesium deposits. Structured Water can clear systems that are already partly blocked.

Landscaping Solutions


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About us

Who we are | Mission and Vision

We are a UK based company with a small team of people passionate about water, the environment, and green cost-reducing technologies.

Our MISSION is to facilitate access of pure water with a life-supporting structure - as intended by nature - to every living being on our planet.
Structured Water increases their resilience in any circumstance and will allow future generations to enjoy nature and a healthy life.

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